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Africa Academy

Africa Academy

It was established in 2019 within the body of our Foundation in order to contribute to African studies in Turkey. The African Academy is working to train future African experts and to offer a platform where experts and researchers working in Africa can reach wider audiences. Africa Basic Education Program especially for undergraduate students within the body of the African Academy, thesis presentations in which researches in different areas of Africa can be presented, seminars and workshops on current issues, African Basic Readings Program in which leading works of African literature are followed, customized advanced academic African Specialized Seminars where readings are conducted, subject-oriented summer and winter schools; Student symposiums are organized where students participating in the programs can share their work.

1. Basic Education Program

The African Academy Basic Education Program concept was created in the 2019-2020 academic year. TEP, which is a graded program, especially for undergraduate students who want to do academic studies on the African continent; encourages students to have in-depth knowledge of the region, to learn the local languages spoken in the region, to receive academic support from expert educators in their research and to gain field experience. The knowledge of African and world universities has been utilized in the planning and preparation studies of TEP, and the curriculum is prepared with the participation of academics from Turkey and African countries. With the restriction of face-to-face education opportunities due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a distance online education model was introduced; With the advantage of this, seminars started to be conducted with educators from different parts of the world.

The courses given in the Basic Education Program are as follows:

  1. African History (Dr. Asma Naairi Özen)
  2. African Sociology (Hatice Uğur)
  3. African Economy (Prof. Dr. Sedat Aybar)
  4. African Politics (Idris Buta)

2. Summer Schools

The summer schools, which are planned to be organized thematically every summer within the body of the African Academy, aim to conduct various studies with participants who are interested in Africa, focusing on certain regions of the continent and certain subjects. For this purpose, the Somali Diaspora Summer School was held for the first time in the summer of 2020. The Somali Diaspora, which has remarkable importance for Somalia and has reached a significant population in Turkey, has been extensively studied in the summer school. During the summer school consisting of seven seminars, the Somali diaspora; Somalia’s social structure, identity, peace and conflict, young population, and political representation were discussed from multiple perspectives, and the Somali Diaspora Study Team was formed with the participants who successfully completed the summer school.

The courses given at the Somali Summer School are as follows:

  1. Understanding Somali Society (Prof. Dr. Afyare Abdi Elmi)
  2. Somali Youth in Diaspora: Challenges and Opportunities (Dr. Yusuf Sheikh Omar)
  3. The Role of Somali Diaspora in the Peace Building and Development (Dr.Abdirashid İsmail)
  4. Diaspora’s Political Representation in Somali (Prof. Dr. Afyare Abdi Elmi)
  5. Somali Diaspora Identity and Belonging in Post-National Context (Dr. Abdi Hersi)
  6. Diasporic Women and Political Participation in Somali and Abroad (Dr. Ladan Affi)
  7. Experience Sharing Lessons from Turkish Diaspora (Dr. Mehmet Köse)

3. Specialization Seminars Program

The Specialization Seminars is an intensive program in which six different seminars continue throughout the academic year for participants who want to specialize in the African region and who have successfully completed the Basic Education Program.

The courses given in the Specialization Seminars are as follows:

  1. Turkey-Africa Relations from Past to Present (Serhat Orakçı)
  2. Energy and Water Policies in Africa (Prof. Dr. Sencer İmer)
  3. Political Economy of Africa (Prof. Dr. Sedat Aybar)
  4. International Relations of East Africa (Dr. Muzeyen Hawas Sebsebe)
  5. Ethnicity and Security Understanding in Right Africa (Dr. Tirab Abbkar Tirab)
  6. Political Systems of West African Countries (Dr. Murat Yiğit)

4. Thematic Seminar Programs

Seminar programs organized in certain fields aim to increase their knowledge by bringing together experts in their fields with students. Two seminar programs have been organized so far. These are South African Seminars and Sudan Seminars.

The courses given in the seminars are as follows:

South Africa Seminars

  1. Economic Relations of South Africa and Turkey with Developing Countries (Dr. Mustafa Çakır)
  2. Post-Apartheid Black Economy Strengthening Strategy in South Africa (Dr. Şenol Öztürk)
  3. Muslim Minorities in South Africa (Dr. Onur Unutulmaz)
  4. Relations of South African Muslim Communities with the Ottoman State (Dr. Serhat Orakçı)
  5. The Place of South Africa in International Politics and South African Foreign Policy (Assoc. Prof. Mehmet Özkan)
  6. Literature and Society in South Africa (Dr. Ali Yiğit)
  7. Underground Resources and Mining in South Africa (Prof. Dr. Bekir Genç)

Sudan Seminars

  1. Ottoman Sudan Relations (Assoc. Prof. Tarık Mohamed Nur)
  2. Relations between Turkey and Sudan in the Recent Period (Mohammed Gamal)
  3. Political Economy and Economic Structure of Sudan (Serdar Yıldırgörer)
  4. A Brief History of Sudan from Past to Present (Maha Bakhit)
  5. Sudan and Sudan’s Regional Relations in International Politics Before and After Bashir (Dr. Tiran Abbkar Tirab)
  6. Sudan Policy of Global Actors (Subhi Adam)

Africa Academy Student Symposium

Our African Student Symposium was held on June 12-13, 2021, where our students who completed the African Academy Basic Education Program, supported by the Ministry of Youth and Sports in the 2020-2021 Academic Year, shared their research.

Africa Academy Notes 

In the past two years, a total of 16 seminars have been completed at two different levels; Our students have the opportunity to get to know Africa in a wide range from history to sociology, from politics to economy.

The following study consists of the papers of the 1st African Academy Student Symposium held on 12-13 June 2021, in which the papers compiled from the end-of-term assignments of our students were presented. A total of 24 papers were presented in the sessions of the symposium titled African History, Sociological Approaches to Africa, African Politics, African Economy, Conflict and Security in Africa, Colonial Traces in Africa: Identity and Culture. We are pleased to present the work of our students in such a voluminous work.

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