Çin-Afrika İş Birliği

Çin-Afrika İş Birliği
Tarihsel Arka Plan ve Temel Dinamikler


In this book, which aims to analyze the increasing Chinese influence in Africa, first of all, China is a strong and fragile great power, and it is questioned whether the Chinese presence in Africa theoretically reflects a neo-extortionist relationship style, with reference to the historical continuity in Chinese foreign policy. . The main political and economic dynamics of China-Africa cooperation are detailed through anti-hegemonism, authoritarianism, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Uyghur issues, energy and food security, and economic power asymmetry. In addition, the African policies of China and its rivals are compared and the perception of China in Africa is evaluated based on the question of whether the Beijing Consensus can be an alternative to the Washington Consensus. In the final analysis, the nature of China-Africa cooperation is tried to be revealed through summit diplomacy and related action plans.

The language of this book is Turkish.


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