Africa Academy

Africa Academy was established in order to contribute to African studies in Turkey within the foundation. Africa Academy conducts to train future experts on African countries and to provide a platform where experts and researchers who study on the region can reach their work to a wider audience. Various programs are organized especially for undergraduate students within the academy such as:
Core Education Program,Thesis presentations where research can be presented in different fields related to Africa, Seminars and workshops on current issues, Fundamental Readings Program, where major works of African literature are followed, Advanced Seminars where advanced level academic readings are held, Subject-oriented summer and winter schools, Student symposiums where students participating in the programs can share their research papers.

Core Education Program: It is a gradual program for undergraduate students who aspire to study on African region. Students participating in this program are encouraged to have in-depth knowledge of the region, learn spoken languages of African countries, receive academic support from expert lecturers in their research and visit countries in the region. Applications are accepted for the program on specific dates each year.

Advanced Seminars: It is an advanced level program for undergraduate and graduate students who have successfully completed Core Education Program. Within six different seminars continue throughout the academic year. Participants are expected to submit academic essay(s) at the end of the semester.

Theses Presentation: Theses prepared on subjects related to African countries at the master's and doctoral level are presented to the relevant participants.

Culture and Art in Africa: It is a program in which literary works and films about the African region are analyzed with experts.

Summer and Winter Schools: These are thematic programs that focus on a specific region and subject in Africa.