A Decade Transformed

A Decade Transformed
Revival of Turkey and Somalia’s Multilayer Relations

Turkey’s humanitarian intervention operations to lessen the effect of the humanitarian crisis that hit Somalia hard in 2011, had a dramatic impact on the development of Turkey-Somalia relations. Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s visit, then the Prime Minister of Turkey, to Somali Capital Mogadishu with a large delegation, has transformed the relations from limited fields such as security operations and political engagements under the umbrella of multilateral institutions to intertwined multifaceted and multi-layered relations embracing state-building, development, and improvement of economic infrastructure. Bilateral relations have made significant positive contributions to the reconstruction process of Somalia over the past decade. The relations with Somalia have been an important milestone in Turkey’s Africa opening policies. This book is a collection of chapters assessing the growing relationship between Turkey and Somalia in diverse sectors and fields such as history, politics, security, peacebuilding, economy, development, society, and culture.

The multi-level and multi-sector relationship between Somalia and Turkey has matured for the last decade. Experts have examined the different aspects of the relationship. This is a timely contribution to the literature. Moreover, this is a must-read book for policymakers and researchers interested in Somalia-Turkey relations.

-Afyare Abdi Elmi, Professor of International Politics

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